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At Cathay, we advocate for diversified education and new methods of learning.

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Ms. Avery Wan


  Graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Ms. Wan has taught music to student of various ages and experience for over 10 years. In 2010, Ms. Wan founded the Little Star Music Education (the professors of Washington Cathay Future Center). This program offers students the opportunity to sing, act, and dance. She is also a choir director and holds both group lessons and private lessons, providing her students with the professional vocal training and performance skills needed to help them to reach their full potential. Within a few years, the program has grown to include over a hundred students, many of whom have gone on to perform in a variety of different concerts, performances, and competitions within the Washington metropolitan area. Aside from Washington Cathay Future Center, Ms. Wan has been involved in many successful musical events and competitions.

Mrs. Juline McLean

Early Childhood Director

  As an experienced Early Childhood Professional, Juline McLean comes to Cathay with a Masters of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus in Teacher Leadership and Early Childhood Education. With an admiration for the English language, Juline has taught English overseas in the public school and orphanages in East Asia. When she returned to America, she worked as a Preschool and later Pre-Kindergarten teacher for an elite private school. Years later, she fell in love with working behind the scenes of education instead of the forefront as an educator. She believes that through the means of education that is effectively designed and tailored to children, children can grow to have the opportunity to positively affect the world, having been taught to do so. Juline plays an intricate part in the outcome of such belief by enhancing a learning environment that allows students to develop and grow through adequate teacher development and implementation of our curriculum here at the Cathay School.

Our Facility

Located right at the intersection of Key West Avenue and Shady Grove Road, the Cathay School has one of the best facilities for early education. Location map »