A Letter From the Principal

Welcome parents,

As early childhood educators and parents, we understand what a critical period of life this is for the development of your child. This is the time of their lives where they grow and learn to develop their social, cognitive, motor and intellectual skills. Research has proven that a high-quality educational program suitable to meet and exceed the needs of young ones is essential to this period of their growth. The Cathay School for Early Childhood Education has been designed to do achieve great results among all our students.

At the Cathay School, our vision is to provide an incomparable and quality education taught by knowledgeable staff members. Our greatest desire is to offer a service where the social, emotional, and academic lives of our students have a solid foundation for their latter academic years. It is our pleasure to offer such a service and we look forward to working together as we assist each child in reaching and surpassing their developmental goals that are set for them throughout their time at the Cathay School. We endeavor to offer a challenging yet age-appropriate academic program that is safe to each of our student. We are extremely optimistic that we will exceed all our families’ expectations and personally welcome your family to the Cathay School for Early Childhood Education.

Avery Wan
Principal, The Cathay School